Orzo Pasta Salad

January 7, 2010 | In: Appetizer, Salad, Side Dish

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This salad is excellent for parties. You can serve it in lemon cups (clean the inside of 1/2 lemon and add the pasta to it) or red radicchio leaves for more color.

Serving: 8-10 people


1 lb Orzo Pasta

3/4 chopped Tomatoes  or grape Tomatoes

2 seedless Cucumbers

1/2 stalk Celery

2 Red Bell Peppers

1/2 lb Feta Cheese

1 can in water Artichoke Hearts

1 can sliced Black Olives or Kalamata Olives

2 Lemons

3 tbsp dried Oregano

1 tbsp Italian Seasoning

Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Cook the orzo pasta for about 7 minutes. Drain it and add it to a bowl.

Add lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil to the pasta. Add the Italian Seasoning, oregano, salt and pepper.

Stir it very well.

Add the artichoke hearts and the olives. Add the liquid from the can for both ingredients.

Chop the cucumbers very fine.

Dice the Celery thin.

Dice the Red Bell Peppers thin

Add the chopped vegetables to the orzo.

Stir it well, cover it, and keep it overnight on the refrigerator. If you are in a hurry, make sure you keep in the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

Before serving, adjust the taste with salt, oil, lemon, or seasoning if needed.

Serve it in a bowl and add the crumbled feta cheese to the top.

(Optional) You can also garnish with chopped chives.

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