Cookie with Marmellata (Pasticcini)

January 8, 2011 | In: Dessert

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In the picture on the left, the Pasticcini is the rounded cookie. This tray has so many other delicious pastries that I cooked with my mother over the past summer. We had a lot of fun cooking together like the old days in Italy. I also have a series ‘Cooking with La Mamma di Mamma di Pino’ which contains recipes for all these delicious treats. Enjoy!


1 1/4 cup (300grams) Flour

1/2 cup (125grams) powder Sugar

Pinch of Salt

4 Eggs

1/2 cup (125grams) melted Butter

1 teaspoon of Baking Powder (I prefer to use the Lieveto Pane degli Angeli. You can find it at the Italian stores)

Black Cherry Marmellata (or you can use whichever jelly flavor you like)


Put the flour on a wood working table.

Make a well with the flour and put  the eggs, the powder sugar, salt, baking powder (Lieveto Pane degli Angeli) and the melted butter in the center.

With the fork start beating the eggs and combine all the engredients until you get a nice dough.

Wrap the dough with plastic food wrap and refridgerate it for 1 hour.

Put the dough on the table and with the rolling pin roll the dough down to a thin layer.

Make 2 inch circles on the dough. Make sure you have a even number of circles

On half of the circles, make a smaller hole in the center of about 1/4 inch wide

On the circles without the hole, add 1 teaspoon of marmellata.

Place the the circle with the hole on top of the marmellata.

Repeat the step for all the circles.

Cover the cookie sheet with parchment paper, and lay the cookies about  1/2 inch apart.

Bake the cookie at 350F for 10 minutes.

Let it cool and sprinkle with powder sugar.

Enjoy, Buon Appetito!

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