Mashed Potatoes (Pure di Patate)

August 18, 2010 | In: Side Dish

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Simple mashed potatoes with a Italian twist. I like to serve mashed potatoes with the Saltimbocca alla Romana recipe (Veal alla Romana).

Serving: 4 people


1.5 lb Golden Potatoes

1/2 cup of warm Milk

1/2 stick of Butter

3 tbsp Parmiggiano Reggiano


Pepper (optional)


Peel the potatoes and wash them.

Diced in big pieces

Bring water to boil in a medium pan and add the potatoes to cook.

Cook well until the potatoes break whith a fork

Drain the potatoes and smash them in the pan. Make sure the potatoes are smashed very well.

Pour the milk into the potatoes.

Add salt, butter, and parmiggiano reggiano. Stir it very well.

If you think that the mashed potatoes are too thick for you taste, feel free to add more milk.


Buon Appetito!

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