Pollo alla Cacciatora

September 17, 2011 | In: Main Course

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1 whole Chicken

Peeled Tomatoes

1 Onion




Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 cloves of Garlic

1 cup Red Wine

1 Carrot

2 stalk of Celery

2 table spoons Parsley (chopped)


Cut the chicken in medium pieces.

Wash it, drain it, and dry it. Set it aside.

In a pan, put the olive oil.

When the oil is hot, put the pieces of chicken and let it get brown on both side

Add the carrot, the celery, the onion and the garlic

add the roasmary.

Saute it for few minutes until the vegetable are translucent.

Add salt, and pepper

Add the red wine and let it evaporate in high heat

Add the peeled tomatoes chopped, cover it and cook it for 30 minutes

Turn the chicken over remove the rosemary and the garlic cloves.

Stir the vegetable ( add 1/2 glass of water if too dry) or you can add some vegetable broth

Cover it and let it cook for another 30 minutes or until the chicken is moist

Transfer the chicken in a serving plate and serve it

Sprinkle the plate with chopped  parsley

Enjoy Buon Appetito!!!!!!!!!

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