July 29, 2011 | In: Dessert

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This recipe is inspired by an Italian chef, I watched on the Italian cooking channel. Besides being very light and delicious, it is also very simple to make. Kids will love it, and they can eat lot of good berries, which are very good and healthy for them


4 egg white (120 grams)

225 grams sugar

1 tea spoon white wine vinegar

1 1/2 table spoon of corn starch

500 grams of wipped cream



Kiwi (or any fruit that you like)


Beat the egg white.

While beating the egg white, add the sugar a little at the time

Beat very well until is very firm

Add the vinegar

Add the Corn starch

Beat all well

Take a baking sheet and make a circle with the egg white and leave space in the middle put the egg white on the baking sheet with a table spoon.

You will make the circle spoon after spoon with the egg white leaving no space in between.

Bake it at 250F for 1 hour and 30 minutes

Let the circle of egg white cool down

Transfer it on to a rounded serving plate

Put the whipped cream in the center and decorate all around with the rest of the whipped cream

Decorate with strawberries, blackberries , kiwi or any kind of fruit you like

Also optional is to add gratted chocolate on top.

Enjoy, Buon Appetito!

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