Lamb all Romana (Abbacchio alla Romana)

July 27, 2010 | In: Main Course

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Abbacchio is spring baby lamb. This is a typical recipe in the Lazio region of Italy. In Rome, where I was born, Abbacchio alla Romana is a very popular and delicious dish. Every restaurant in the city have abbacchio in their menus. I wanted to share with you this recipe from my beautiful Rome.

Serving: 4 people


2lb of Spring Lamb (Shoulder and Leg)

3 cloves Garlic

2 Anchovies salty file.

1 bunch Rosemary.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 glass Red Wine Vinegar

1tsp of Red Pepper (optional)

2 tbsp Flour




Add the anchovies, garlic, and vinegar to a bowl. Smash them to make a paste and leave it on the side

In a pan, add the extra virgin olive oil and the rosemary.  When the oil is drizzling, remove the rosemary.

Dust the lamb with flour on both sides and add it to the pan.

Let the lamb get brown on both sides.

Add salt and pepper

Remove the lamb and sat it aside on a separate plate.

In the same pan, put the anchovy paste.

Scrape the pan to release the juices, add red pepper (optional), and add the red wine.

Reduce the sauce.

Add the lamb back in the pan and simmer it for 1/2 hour.

Transfer the lamb to a serving plate. Serve immediately and remember to serve it with your option of red wine

Buon Appetito!

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