Happy Mother’s Day, Mamma

May 10, 2010 | In: Events

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I would like to wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, we are not spending your day together this year. I hope that you are enjoying your time in Italy with my sisters, Caterina e Ylenia.

I just would like to let you know how much I love and appreciate you. You have been such an important person in my life and you have helped me be the person who I am today. Thanks for giving me such a beautiful life.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the mothers out there.

Tanti Auguri di tuo figlio che te ama tantissimo.  Grazie per tutto.


1 Response to Happy Mother’s Day, Mamma


Pawan Poudel

July 31st, 2010 at 1:18 am

This must be the best Mother’s day wish I’ve ever read. I miss hanging out with all of you.

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